Singing Parrot Whistles 'Jingle Bells' Tune

Published January 8, 2019 3,269 Views $17.96 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsJingle bell jingle bell, jingle all the way. Everyone has heard this song, haven't they? But who all have heard a parrot sing it?

This funny video shows us, Mr Grey, the star of the video an African grey parrot, flawlessly whistles the classic 'Jingle Bells' tune in this awesome clip when his owner signals him.
Oh, the things parrot are capable of saying. That's what makes parrots so unique. There is this video somewhere around here where the parrot is telling its owner that it will knock her off. Very funny. A must watch. But seriously how amazing it would be if all of over pets had this magical ability to talk to us. It would help us in so many ways.

Like we would finally know what's in their mind, especially cats. God such a blessing. But imagine a cat having the ability to speak. Oh lord helps us all. Cats express so much without speaking so if they could talk we would constantly hear how much unnecessary time we spend on our phones when we have other things to do ten times more important or how we left the toilet seat up again for the eighth time this week. Maybe things really happen for a reason and that's why cats can't talk.

But seriously how adorable would it be if dogs start to speak. Along with those routine face licking at nights and morning, we would be blessed with continuous I love you, be safe and come back home soon. Just thinking about it makes my heart warm up.

Hopefully, this jingle bell parrot goes ahead to learn more and more of his owner's language and the language barrier gets eliminated altogether. How fun would that be? Imagine if you had a parrot who tells you when you smell bad and needs to a take a bath or someone you would tell us that we really need to get our life together or at least remind us to buy that toilet paper we have been forgetting for three days or someone who would say we are amazing on our bad hair day. How awesome that would be? Now if this happens who would need a significant other in their life anyway? We are sure, we won't.

But it's really weird how this parrot has learned the jingle bell's song by heart of all the others songs. Maybe it loves Christmas even more than we do.

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