Super Exciting First Rocket Launch

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Rumble / Babies & KidsAs Parents, we could think of no better way of spending some quality time with our young kids. This dad taking his son in the park and let him launch his first model rocket. The video when upload on Facebook, attracted more than 200,000 views on two days, captures son’s priceless reaction when he launches his rocket. The son was in such awe over the launch he ended up on his back.
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I and my son launch the model rocket for the first time. We had originally wanted to order this rocket for my son's space themed birthday party in June (he turned 5!) but it had already sold out of stock on Amazon. Finally, 2 months later we were able to purchase it! My son loves rockets and space. This rocket was a great purchase, we bought two (one for launching, and one for display!) Very durable, well-made model! It was exciting to see their first launch and try to track the rocket. There was a burst of smoke where the engine ejected that we were not able to capture on video. We did find the engine but as we were not able to find the rocket after an extensive search and no one else at the park saw it come down.

After the launch his reaction is priceless, and he did not want to lose sight of it as he was in awe, and he ended up on his back. He was really excited about it and now he seems to be obsessed with them. It was a great experience for him and one that every kid should be lucky enough to have. Hopefully, this will peak his interest in space science.

I do not know if you all remember playing with model rockets when you were a kid but I do. I remember the excitement of the countdown, the ignition, the launch, and the flight.
This takes me back to my past when I was a kid; I built a scale-model rocket in my back yard.

I do not know what inspired me to do it, maybe watching one of the Apollo launches on TV, but it was a labor of love. I scoured the neighborhood for spare bits and pieces, asking people for any scrap pieces of plastic or boards that I could get my hands on. I saved up my money to buy anything that I could not make from spare parts and to get paint (and nails and screws).

I was obsessive about it being as accurate as possible, and I had a notebook full of pictures, diagrams, and drawings of the real thing to compare to. I guess I succeeded too because, at one point, these guys from the FAA showed up to make sure we knew we could not launch it (which we could not anyway, because it was just a model — no engines). My dad was kind of embarrassed and mad, but I think my mom was a little proud (and maybe even my dad was too).

I spent every spare minute working on it, and sometimes kids (and even some adults) would gather outside our fence to watch. When I was almost finished, a local TV station told us they wanted to send a crew to do a story about it, and I know my dad was kind of proud then, even though he grumbled about it being a lot of hassle over “a bunch of junk in our back yard”.

A couple of nights after I was done, some neighborhood kids pushed it over, during the night and ran off with pieces of it. At first, I tried to find all the missing pieces to see if I could fix it, but they did not just take it apart, they also broke pieces and stomped on them and threw some of them in the creek. I was heartbroken.

This Video reminds us how precious it is when we get to see our sons and daughters paying it forward with kindness and the excitement in the voices of kids is awesome.