Tree Cutting Fail, Truck Pays Price

Published January 5, 2019 74 Plays $0.10 earned

Rumble / Epic Fails — Everyone has seen at least one of the viral videos that have circulated the globe through the internet in the last decade that consist of some kind of accident or unfortunate event that makes you cringe. This video more than fits into this category for sure. This is one of those that will make you gasp in shock and horror!

The person who posted this video states what happened on the day this video was recorded: “My brother-in-law decided to cut down a pesky tree on his mother's property. He assured me it would not fall on the house. He was not wrong, but nothing went as expected.”

There is a reason that there are people who do these jobs for a living. If a person has not been properly trained to do this job of taking down a tree, and a large tree in particular, they really should not attempt to do this. It is so much better and incredibly safer to wait until a professional can take care of the tree.

When the video starts, we get a pretty clear view of the tree that the family wants removed. This is an extremely large tree, and that means it is also extremely heavy. When a tree of this size is taken down, the situation can turn very dangerous very quickly. If the tree were to fall in the wrong direction, it would surely destroy everything in its path. There is no stopping a tree once it starts falling. That means that the tree has to be cut to exact perfections, in the exact position, and in the exact location to ensure that the tree does not injure anyone or anything.

Of course, the tree in this video does not fall as planned. It is not clear whether or not the man cutting it down maybe just did not see the truck or what, and that is a little confusing since the truck seems to be so obvious (at least from the point of view of the camera).

As the tree begins to fall, it can immediately be seen that it is about to hit the truck dead on. The tree comes crashing down on the bed of the red truck, and this is not an impact that this truck was built to take. After the tree hits the truck, the video will replay those few seconds in slow motion. It is incredible to see the effect the tree has on the truck!