This Super Sweet Kitty Preciously Cuddles With A Newborn Baby!

Published January 4, 2019 30 Plays $7.35 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensThis video will be the most adorable thing that you will see, because not every day you see a cat show so much love to a human, and is that it is not a simple human, is a newborn baby, which is receiving a lot of caresses from this feline so nice. Both look so soft and fluffy that they are an overload of total tenderness. This video will make you fall in love because you won't know which of the two is the most charming. How adorable!

In this film you can see how the father of this newborn decides to record this incredible moment when you see his wife sitting on the couch with the little baby lying on his legs, just at that time his pet surprised them also getting on the couch to go straight to the baby just a month old. This feline with black fur does not hide at any time how happy he is to have a new member in his family, he puts aside any kind of jealousy and only gives love to the little newborn, which receives the caresses with great joy.

They say that black cats are bad luck or have some symbolism of the bad, but it is evident that these are only suppositions of the people, because this pet is a love and proves to be a cat so friendly with the people around him. This beautiful kitten in just a few days has managed to win the heart of the little baby, letting him know that he will never lack love on his part. Without a doubt they will be the best friends because from very early on they have a beautiful friendship and an incredible connection, capable of capturing all the glances in only a few seconds.

Pets undoubtedly fill us with joy and although many times it is thought that our pet can feel jealousy for a new baby, the truth is a very wrong thought, because most of the time they assimilate that change in the best way. They usually take the role of protectors of children, in fact it is recommended that families have at least one pet, which provides affection, harmony and helps the youngest to relate and be safer.

Do you have a cat as affectionate as this one? Each cat has a unique personality, you just have to let its best side float. Although cats are known to be somewhat hateful, it is no secret that when they feel loved and trusted they can respond with much affection and affection. Who can resist their sweet purring?, when we talk about tenderness, we talk about cats, they are the most captivating pets that exist because they can perfectly replace a living teddy by their adorable characteristics.

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