Great Dane Delivery Training Doesn't Go As Planned

Published January 4, 2019 2,401 Views $17.01 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesEllie and Mikey the Great Danes are still working on their chicken delivery skills. Now that he can stand up and look into the back of the SUV, Mikey gets very excited when he sees the chicken box. Perhaps he even gets a little too excited. Watch and laugh as too much excitement results in Mikey and Ellie's chicken delivery, which obviously is going to require a bit more practice and training. Ok....maybe a lot more practice!

Ellie and Mikey are not “newbies” to the viral video world. These two online sensation pups have multiple videos currently circulation the internet. Their crazy and adorable antics and reactions to everyday situations has made them one of the favorites in the funny pet video world. Their owners are able to capture some of their best moments on camera in order to share them with the rest of us. More of their videos can be found here on by clicking on the following link:

When the video begins, viewers have a glimpse of this little family from Mom’s point of view. Mom is the one behind the camera filming the scene. Dad and his two pups walk toward the SUV, which has the back hatch lifted already.

When they reach the vehicle, the black and white spotted Great Dane immediately perches his front paws up on the back of the car. He plunges his nose into the back and fills his nostrils with his favorite smell- chicken! His buddy, the black Great Dane, waits a bit more patiently behind him. Look closely, though, and you will see this little sweetheart licking his lips. The two are obviously praying and hoping that they will get lucky and get to have a taste of this yummy food being taken into their home.

Mom pans the camera to where we can see into the back of the van. These dogs have a keen sense of smell, especially for chicken. There is much more being brought home, though. Typical groceries can be seen in the back of the car, and Dad begins to unload everything as his dogs look on, doing their best to be patient. That patience does not last very long. As soon as Dad picks up the bag that contains the object of the dog’s desire, the dog just cannot contain himself any longer. He paws at the plastic bag, begging for Dad to let him get a taste of this delicious food.

Mom and Dad tell the dog not to put his feet on the food inside the bag, and shockingly, the dog actually seems to listen. He jumps down immediately and backs up a little. This really shows some pretty significant restraint on the part of a dog! These two are so cute and such sweet pets. Dad takes the bag out completely. He tries to get Mikey to take the bag into the house unopened, but it just does not turn out like that. The situation turns hilarious when the dog destroys the container holding the chicken right there in the driveway.

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