Scuba diver literally forgets the most important thing before diving in the ocean

Published January 4, 2019 1,456 Views $0.09 earned

Rumble / Ocean LifeScuba diving is an exciting experience, especially when you are in a world as beautiful as the Cayman Islands. The sand is white, the water is strikingly blue and the breeze is a warm caress. With the sun shining down and the ocean creatures waiting, Dave has put on all of his gear and has lined himself up at the back of the boat to enter the water with his group. He has planned his dive, talked to his dive budy and has been given the "go ahead".

Dave has been diving for ten years and has logged well over 300 dives. In the dive world, that's pretty seasoned and you would expect him to have remembered everything that is important. But today is a little different for Dave because he's got his camera on his selfie pole and he wants a little footage of an entry into the ocean for his video memory collection.

Eager to get in the ocean, he stepped to the back of the boat, took a deep breath, surveyed the area to make sure the other divers have cleared and he put his hand over his mask to hold it as he took a giant stride to get in. This is the point where an observant person who scuba dives might expect Dave to catch on to his glaring error. But no, he continued in and was even smiling as he looked at the sand and coral below. Still not catching on, he began to descend, leaving his boat behind him as he slowly sank. Bubbles could be seen coming from Dave's mouth as he exhaled to deflate his lungs and help him sink more quickly.

After six full seconds of bliss, Dave eventually caught on to what he had forgotten. The air tank on his back was full but it would do him no good if he can't breathe the air in it. Dave unbelievably forgot to put the regulator mouthpiece in his mouth. It has dangled behind him and drifted back as he slipped lower to the ocean floor. He realized this suddenly when he began to breathe in and figured out that there would be no air for him until he solved the problem.

A diver has a secondary (backup) mouthpiece at his side, clipped to his vest in case anything goes wrong with the first one. Dave was also shallow enough that he could have swam back to the surface, although his buddies on the boat would have all been laughing at him. Dave smoothly grabbed his secondary mouthpiece, took a few breaths and then switched to the primary mouthpiece. But he couldn't believe his forgetfulness and he can be seen shaking his head and laughing at himself throughout.

If anybody asks, Dave will tell his dive buddies that this was a fully planned simulation to sharpen his skills in case the regulator mouthpiece is unexpectedly pulled from his mouth during entry. He will also ask that everybody keep his secret.

Did you notice what was forgotten the first time you watched?