Fallen Tree Trunk Proves Perfect Pathway

Published January 4, 2019 11,010 Plays $4.55 earned

Rumble / Cats & KittensA menagerie of all creatures great and small have been caught on camera using a fallen tree trunk as their very own bridge over a lake - turning it into a busy animal highway.

Mesmerising trap photo footage shows pole cats, wild boar, foxes and even snakes taking the high road over le lac du Der in Champagne, France, to keep their paws, claws and scales dry.

Wildlife enthusiast Jean Chevallier set up the camera at the beauty spot throughout 2018 near his home in Champagne region of France.

The heart-warming footage has gone viral on social media, racking up more than 100,000 shares and likes and an incredible 5 million views.

The clips show all manner of critters from tiny field mice, woodpeckers, voles and frogs through to ducks, domestic cats, raccoons and badgers ambling or scuttling along the natural walkway.

Not only do delighted viewers get to see the animals crossing the water but also enjoy the relaxing sound of birds tweeting in the background and spot fish leaping in the background.


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