Sweet Great Dane adorably takes a long tall drink of water!

Viking_maktPublished: January 3, 2019Updated: January 4, 2019
Published: January 3, 2019Updated: January 4, 2019

While taking a long walk through Memorial Park, in Vancouver, my beautiful long tall Great Dane decided that she wanted to stop and take a drink of water. This park was one of her own stomping grounds, and she made a few friends at this place, and she has protected them from various wildlife.

She has taken it upon herself to protect her turf. One day there were three coyotes in her park and she took it upon herself to chase these intelligent wild creatures out of her park.

After chasing those three coyotes out of her park, my beautiful Great Dane and I walked the circumference of the park and when we were approximately 75% around we noticed a single coyote that was stalking something. Upon closer inspection, we noticed the thing she was stalking was a Lab Pitbull cross named Taz, who was a friend of my Great Dane.

Taz was having her human throw many balls so she would run after these balls and bring them back. Neither Taz nor her human were aware of the coyote stalking them, but my mighty Great Dane was aware of it.

My mighty Great Dane started to stalk the stalker, and she honed in on the coyote and slowly in stealth, increased her speed and the coyote looked back to see it was being stalked by my giant, precious baby girl!

The coyote abandoned the target of Taz and her human, and decided it was time to get out of dodge, or in this case, my Great Dane's park. Coyotes can run very fast, upwards of 43 miles per hour, and my Great Dane can run almost that fast and the presence of my mighty Great Dane was enough to deter that coyote from the hunt. My beautiful and mighty Great Dane has protected many dogs and small people from these coyotes and sometimes after patrolling her park, she likes to stop and take in everything and take a drink from the fountain that she is tall enough to drink from.

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    DavidMcNab ยท 2 weeks ago

    That's really cute. I'd add a few descriptive words to the title if you can. So adorable!