Small dog acts as owner's personal trainer

Published December 31, 2018 1,299 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDo you ever feel guilty about those excess holiday calories? It's that time of year when overindulgence rules. We drink a little more than usual and of course we certainly eat more as well. At this time of year we throw caution to the wind and break from our regular healthy eating regimen. This particularly guy was feeling a little guilty about his consumption of banana cream pie at the family dinner.

The gym was closed on Christmas day so he simply had to do something to alleviate his guilt. Luckily, this little dog was willing to jump right into action and help this man with a short spontaneous workout. The weight of a 12 pound dog on his back would make him burn a few extra calories as he did his push-ups. Everybody knows that when you are male and over 40 all those excess calories go right to the belly. Maybe a few strenuous push-ups would stop this from happening.

The holidays are the perfect time to enjoy healthy meals with good friends and family but sometimes eating calorie-rich foods is more the norm. With all the delicious foods on the table, it's really hard to resist. Sometimes the best approach is to sample a small amount of everything. No need to feel guilty because this is a special occasion and we can always work those calories off later. Sometimes people do go overboard with the food intake during the holidays and it's interesting to note that emergency rooms often see an uptick in heart related ailments during the season.

People often choose weight loss as their New Years resolution and it's typical for most people to pack on a few extra pounds during the holiday season. If you are a rigid person when it comes to your diet, you can make heart healthy meals if you choose. There are plenty of diet conscious menus to choose from so you have many options.

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