Adorable baby cows become fascinated with action camera

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThese calves are living the good life on a beautiful farm in Millbrook, Ontario. Known as ethical farming, the cows are free to roam over lush pastures with ponds and trees and a rolling expanse of meadow full of green grass and wild flowers. The herd is small and the cows socialize well. This farm is part of a growing trend to avoid veal as a food source due to the controversial and unfair treatment of calves in the process. They also provide top notch veterinary care and maintain excellent herd health. The cows are treated very well and they enjoy a very natural life.

A GoPro camera was left on the ground near a gate in the meadow to see what the calves would do. Naturally curious, and much more intelligent than people give them credit for, the calves quickly made their way over to see what this new object was. They completely understood that it was different when it was placed and they wasted no time in checking it out. They were hesitant to approach closely, with Fiona being the bravest of the bunch. She did make her way up close and had a sniff and a few licks before moving back. Then the other calves in her herd followed her lead. they gathered in a line and looked curiously, taking turns sniffing and licking the camera.

Their snorts and grunts can be heard as they put their big nostrils right up close and breathe heavily. Eventually, they decide that there is nothing spectacular about this object and they move back. An older cow then came up to have a sniff as well.

As inquisitive as a young child, these calves show their curiosity in the most adorable way. But, in doing so, they are more than just cute, they are demonstrating that they are actually capable of fairly complex thought. If we understood cows better and actually looked closely, we might see a lot of good reasons for supporting those farms that treat the cows properly, as opposed to supporting factory farming. They are easy to find almost anywhere in North America. Another bonus is that these farms require less antibiotics and and disease control efforts. Direct trade with the farmers also just makes sense.


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    Yikes! Your camera was almost an expensive snack! LOL!!!!

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    Right at 00:30, a still image could be used in a farm rap video!!!! LOL

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