Guilty dog adorably smiles through Grandma's reprimand

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesLily is a one year old mix of golden lab, poodle and terrier. She’s an adorable and energetic dog with an intelligence that gets her into trouble. She also has a mischievous side, and despite being well trained and very obedient, she knows when she is not being watched. She knows when she can get away with mischief, and she also knows that her adorable guilty eyes can melt even the coldest of hearts. She relies on these eyes and the wagging tail to bail her out whenever she is confronted with her misdeeds. She will climb up on the counter and take cookies, meat, and even bananas to snack on. Nothing is out of reach for Lily. Her owners have learned to accept this side of her, knowing that the only solution is to try to stay one step ahead of her. But it’s easy to forget that this stealthy little dog sees and smells everything.

Lily’s Grandma left a package of beef on the counter and left the room, but it was only supposed to be for a moment. Unfortunately, the moment turned into several and Lily didn’t miss her chance. While she alone, Lily made her way onto the counter without making a sound. Silently, she grabbed the package and hopped down. She had a full tray of beef and she knew she had only a brief time to take full advantage of it. Normally, Lily carries her treasures to her bed and eats them silently while she is out of sight. But with this treasure, Lily ate it right there on the spot. It was either too good to resist, or she knew that she was wasting time by carrying it farther. When Grandma returned to the kitchen, the beef was gone from the counter. Lily had her best guilty look and tail wag going and the evidence lay on the floor at her feet. Begging for forgiveness, she put her ears back and stared at Grandma with what appears to be a sheepish grin. She threw in the right amount of reluctance to make eye contact, looking away often, surely feigning shame. But the smile on her face gives her away and you can tell that she’s thinking a few minutes of scolding is a very fair price for the delicious treat that is now in her belly.

You can’t help but admire this lovable dog for her determination to melt Grandma’s heart!

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