Couple With Cancer Gets Surprise Of A Lifetime

Published December 26, 2018 4,191 Plays $1.86 earned

Rumble / Everyday HeroesThe “PRAY-nksters” are at it again with another positive prank. Videos like this usually go viral because of a couple different reasons:
1. They are very different from videos the public usually sees.
2. It contains a beautiful story that captures the hearts of its viewers.
3. This particular group who creates these situations adds welcome comedy to a sweet story that would not normally be present. This makes it all the more creative and unique.

Ed and Liz are dealing with stage 4 cancer, multiple melanoma to be exact, and to make matters that much worse, Ed is unable to work. Liz, Ed’s wife, says that her husband started showing symptoms the previous fall, and she says that she knew something was not right. One of the biggest concerns, behind Ed’s health of course, was the fact that they did not know how they would ever be able to pay for the treatments. While there are children’s hospitals like Saint Jude that will treat a child without billing the families at all, this is not as much of an option available to adults. Situations such as these leave millions of adults every single year in a situation that is more than overwhelming.

It is heartbreaking for these families as it is having to worry about the health and lifespan of their family members; they should not have to worry so much about the ability of paying for these life- saving treatments that they have to have to even get a chance at surviving these terrible killer diseases.

When this event was set up, Liz and Ed believed that they were showing up for their son’s Boy Scouts award ceremony and Tuesday night Scout meeting. They believed that the Scouts wanted to present them with an award because the Boy Scouts do pumpkin sales. Ed and Liz explain that they loaned their trailer to the Scouts to use for the pumpkin sales, so that is what the award would have been for, which they did receive. A giving mob of over 400 people showed up and surprised them with gifts, money, and words of encouragement!

The video shows Liz’s reaction as she is overwhelmed by the enormous group of people who are there only to help her and her husband. This had to be such an amazing moment for this beautiful couple. The group that organized this meeting has done such an incredible thing for these people. The line of people in the video coming through the room seems to be never ending. The pile through the doors, and they are all holding gifts to bring to the sweet, adorable couple. They embrace their friends and neighbors coming through the line bearing gifts. This “giving mob” lasts for over thirty straight minutes! This line was moving pretty fast, so imagine how many people you could see in a fast moving line that lasts for thirty minutes!

This is an amazing moment for everyone who was involved in this incredible encounter. This group has changed the lives of this couple forever. The video ends with the group’s signature Bible verse, which is as follows: “Fear Nothing, Pray About Everything” (Philippians 4:6).