Sanguy USB-C Right-Angle Cable Review

Published December 26, 2018 80 Views

Rumble These cables work just as good as the other SANGUY USB-C cables I have. I like having the 90-degree end because it allows me to prop up my phone in landscape/horizontal orientation while it's fast-charging. This is great for watching videos (if needed). I always test my USB cables with fast chargers and these cables work great on my Samsung Galaxy S9 with the fast charger. The boot on the 90 degree end is solid and hasn't bent or cracked at all, so I don't feel like I'm stressing it too much when using it as a stand. The length is excellent - 6 feet works great and most of the cables I receive with devices are just too short - 3-5 feet never seems like enough, but 6 to 9 feet always feels more usable and versatile.

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