Very Expensive Instant Garage Door Opener

Published December 25, 2018 481 Views $7.31 earned

Rumble / Epic FailsA 14 year old boy learning to drive his father's Ford F-150 plows through the garage door. But, you know what? By this time next year, everyone will have a good laugh about it. And with any luck, the son will have learned the difference between the brake pedal and the gas pedal.

Everyone here who has ever hit the gas pedal instead of the brake on their first behind-the-wheel driving lesson, raise their hand! (sheepishly raises hand--sorry, Mr. Wilkes)

Ehhh...looks prey bad. We can almost blame the garage door manufacturer. They sure don't make garage doors like they used to. That thing crumpled like yesterday's newspaper. The poor kid was understands ulsey, although he wasn't sure whether he should laugh or cry.

Let's look at this again. It appears to be twilight. The sun is going down, and the truck's headlights are on. Maybe they are returning from work, ball practice, whatever. His approach is nice and steady. Very respectable.

“He's such a nice young man,” the old woman across the street might say to herself. “He drives so slow, and he's so considerate.”

And then, for no explicable reason, he hits the gas! “Oh, God!” You can hear panic in Dad's voice, and a little bit more as the expletive cuts loose.

“I'm sorry Dad!” we can hear the son apologize in complete sincerity. There are other things being said, as well, but we don't really have to go over every word. The stew of hot emotions by all is pretty clear.

Judging by the way the door was so easily destroyed, and the way the family aren't exactly screaming in pain, we can reasonably conjecture everyone is alright, physically. Dad may be understandably anxious about his truck, but those Ford F-150 pickups are tough truck's, and we are told this one only needs some minor buffing. The door, we are sure, will need a little more than buffing. It's a certainty dad's going to need to spring for a new door.

What will the insurance company say? Is there actually a state where a 14 year old can even get a learner's permit? Yeesh...what a mess.

“I am sorry Dad! I am so sorry!” We have to believe he really is, too. After all, it's quite a family honor to let your 14 year old drive your truck. You gave to be responsible, and be in the right frame of mind. Especially with other family members in the vehicle.

The fateful event happened just one week before Christmas. It probably put a dent in the holiday spirit, but if the family is strong enough, they will weather it. It's just one of those times the fickle finger of fate reaches out, and there's nothing you can do about it.

We can turn this into a lesson for all of us: teach your be student driver to know the difference between the accelerator and the brake even BEFORE you start the engine. It just might save you a lot of grief, and unanticipated expense.