Onikuma K9 Gaming Headset Review

Published December 19, 2018

Rumble For $30 there's a lot to like about this gaming headset. I'm not a PC gamer, but I like having a pair of headphones with a microphone in case I need to make a call or video call someone while working from home. This headset offers a lot of features. Firstly, the cord is plenty long and has a little attachment at the end so you can either use it with a mobile device or a PC. In order to get the LED effects, you need a USB port on the PC. There is a control on the cord for you to turn on/off the microphone, on/off the LEDs on the headset, and a volume control. The microphone lights up so you know if it's on or off, which is one of my favorite features.

Sound is decent, I did a 7.1 test successfully. They are comfortable and noise isolation/cancellation seems okay. Nothing too crazy advanced but for $30 you're still getting a lot.

Overall, I'm impressed with all the little features that are packed in a good quality design.

Get your own! http://a.co/d/bHopRer