Supercar club needs armored escort for Christmas toy drive

Published December 18, 2018 1 Plays $4.03 earned

Rumble / Full Throttle CarsThe North Face rally is a Toronto based car club that is equally well known for the charity and community work that they do as they are for the fast cars that they drive. The club is made up of hundreds of exotic car owners and their hearts are as big as their engines. They have even been nick-named “The Fast and The Generous”. The beautiful exotic cars that they drive, such as Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Audis, and Mercedes are eye catching and head turning. As much as they enjoy the appeal of the cars and the thrill of driving them, they also love to share these cars and make dreams come true for deserving people.

North Face Rally members are successful entrepreneurs now, but most have started with almost nothing and earned all of their success through hard work. Remembering how they didn’t always have it easy, even at Christmas, they wanted to do something for children who might have a little less over the holidays. Three years ago, they started a toy drive, collecting money through donations from club members and friends. They descended upon a local Toys R Us store and filled the carts. But they had done so well with the fund raising that they discovered a serious problem when they tried to load the toys to be taken to Sick Kids Hospital. The toys barely fit in the tiny sports cars that they drive.

Luckily, North Face Rally is connected with a very generous Brinks officer who also runs a toy drive in the Peterborough area. Each year, he and his coworkers donate countless hours of their own time to raise money for toys for local children. They are well supported by Brinks, who donate an armored car for the events. The two decided to team up and make things easier and the North Face Rally sent a convoy of exotic cars to Peterborough to escort Wes and Deanna, the Brinks guards to their Toronto meeting spot. They formed a line, much like Santa’s reindeer pulling a sleigh and together, they head to the toy store for one of the biggest toy shopping sprees of the season.

Watching these car owners shop, you’d believe that their smiles were even bigger than the ones they were about to put on the faces of the children. They truly love this yearly event, and the opportunity to do something so good for others. They flooded the store, filled the carts, tried out some toys themselves, and then loaded up the Brinks armored car. Their haul was enough to fill the back of the truck. Locked safely inside, the toys were hauled under escort to Toronto community support shelters and Sick Kids Hospital. The kids were given wrapped toys and also allowed to go “shopping” in the back of the truck as well.

Watching the faces of the kids, both big and small, was an absolute delight. As an added bonus, the car owners also opened their doors to allow children and parents to sit in the cars and take photographs. This might have been the best part of all for some of the kids.

This event proves that when a bunch of super car owners and Brinks officers get together, a small miracle can happen!