Capuchin Monkeys Scream In Excitement Upon Grandma's Return

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Hugs, screams and excitement – how long have this capuchin monkeys been separated from their owner? By the look of it, guessing from how the monkeys are hugging, screaming and reacting, it appears that the monkeys had been missing their owner for a considerable length of time.

At the start of the video, grandma was heard talking and calling Ohana, one of the Capuchin monkeys. She seemed to be ascertaining who was speaking and for a moment, she did not react strongly. It was perhaps at the sight of grandma that she screamed, literally, because of excitement. What happened next is heart-melting. It is like watching a human being react to reuniting with a love one. She screams and creates sound that appears to be conveying a message like: “Where have you been all these time, I’ve missed you.” Or some other words that people say after seeing someone they love after a long period of separation.

Look at how Ohana throws herself in her owners’ embrace while screaming. She is definitely overjoyed. The other capuchin monkey, Xander, expresses his joy by jumping around and climbing up grandma’s shoulders. At one point, he stood on grandma’s back, just below the nape while holding on grandma’s head. Thereafter, he continued jumping here and there.

The scene reminds us on another Capuchin monkey that captured the heart of many. Do you remember Chico? She was reared and cared for by a lady in Brazil for almost four decades when Brazilian authorities seized her. When she was reunited to her owner, the scene was just as heart-melting as this one.

After watching this video, some may become interested in keeping a monkey as a pet. Well, who would not want one if they are as sweet as the capuchin monkeys shown here? They emotionally attached with their caretaker, they are very cute, look smart and do not appear to be messy to keep. Look at how Ohana and Xander live. They are staying in a neat and clean, beautiful bedroom. They use diapers which means it is manageable to deal with their waste matters. Ohana holds her blanket just like someone holds his or her security blanket. She seemed to be well-behaved inside the room. For Xander, he appears to be more unruly and more difficult to control. Have you noticed he is on leash?

Nonetheless, before finally deciding to keep a monkey as a pet, better check what are the challenges that you may face with. Are you ready for it? Consider the surroundings of the place where you live, too. Just like Chico, she was captured by the police, because in Brazil it is not legal to keep wild and endangered animals as pets. Be realistic with your availability to care for them too. Monkeys are social animals and as such, they need to have interactions with you in order for them to be able to attach to you emotionally. Grandma here must have been so great at taking care of Ohana and Xander.

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