Story of a brother's touching gift of love from across Canada

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Rumble / Full Throttle CarsScott Jubenville is a 22 year old man who has faced some challenges. As a baby he was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a cancer that targets young children almost exclusively. It develops in the retinal tissue of the eyes and grows rapidly.

Scott is a fighter, and he won his battle with cancer, but there were costs. He lost almost all of the vision in one eye. The illness and the treatments left him suffering from seizures throughout his life. These challenges have brought with them depression and anxiety for Scott.

But he has something going for him that has been a blessing. Scott has a close family that has been with him through his battle. And Scott also has a brother Greg, who will tell you that Scott is an inspiration. Greg moved to Alberta seven years ago for work, but the two brothers have not let the distance come between them. Greg still feels that protectiveness that comes with being Scott's big brother. Greg's love and respect for Scott runs deep and he calls Scott an inspiration. Greg wanted to do something for Scott to remind him of the brotherly bond, so he came up with an incredible idea. Although Scott lived in Ontario, thousands of miles away, Greg was going to bridge that gap and put a smile on Scott's face.

Greg and Scott love high performance cars and they follow "Ghostrider" on Instagram (@ghostriderto). He's a mysterious philanthropist and exotic car owner who moves within the car scene, cloaked in secrecy. He keeps his identity hidden with his signature mask and very few people know his true name or who he is. This works perfectly for Ghostrider because he is the anonymous influence behind a lot of charity and community work but he wants no credit or recognition for what he does. Ghostrider has been quietly making dreams come true for deserving individuals for years, often through the use of his exotic cars. Although he has several, his favorite is the lime green Lamborghini Huracan Performante. Ghostrider belongs to the North Face Rally, a Toronto based exotic and super car club, known for their big hearts and community work too.

Greg knew of Ghostrider's generous nature and he reached out through Instagram, asking Ghostrider to take Scott for a ride. But what happened was even better.

Ghostrider has a friend named Dave McNab. The two met in 2016 when Dave was patrolling the highways near Peterborough, Ontario in his police cruiser. After a traffic complaint, Dave pulled Ghostrider over and spoke to him about traffic safety. Although no offences had been committed and nobody got a ticket, Dave asked for Ghostrider to speak to the group about travelling safely. The conversation turned to community work that the car club is involved with. Dave and Ghostrider really hit it off and Ghostrider insisted that Dave take his Lamborghini for a spin. Dave couldn't pass up such an opportunity. The two have been good friends ever since.

Vice was filming a documentary about the North Face Rally and captured this meeting on video. The result was a viral video that swept across social media with hundreds of millions of views.
Knowing that Dave loves Lamborghinis as much as Scott does, he handed over the keys and sent his new Performante to Scott's house as a surprise from Greg.
Greg told Scott only that there was somebody coming to see him. Scott was shocked to see Dave roll into his driveway in this beautiful machine and open the door for him to get in. Scott and his mother took turns revving the engine and taking photographs. Then it was time to go for a drive. Scott's jaw dropped when he heard that for the rest of the day, they would tour around in the car and go anywhere Scott wanted.

Scott wasted no time with calling the first stop. He asked to go straight to his grandmother's house. After a brief game of trying to convince her he had won the lottery, his grandmother laughed and got in for a few pictures. Scott sent these immediately to Greg. Scott unselfishly wanted his friends and family to have a turn and a big part of his day was making sure others got a ride and a chance to take some pictures.

Of course, a big part of riding in a Lamborghini is experiencing the full throttle acceleration that comes with 650hp and torque that will push you back into the seat. You can see Scott's reaction when they take the car from zero to the speed limit (approximately) in mere seconds. As the day drew to an end, Dave dropped Scott off at a family gathering and said goodbye.

This video was made to record Scott's reaction to Greg's incredible gift. It is only fitting that he sees for himself the joy that he created for his little brother, from thousands of miles away. It was also created for Ghostrider so he could also see what happens when dreams come true. So often, he only hears about the effect of his good deeds.

But this story is too good to not share. Greg's beautiful and touching love for his brother, and Ghostrider's generosity and love for giving back should be an inspiration to us all.


  • winkeldinkel, 1 year ago

    Very inspirational Dave! cool car too!

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  • cdngreenwaterdiver, 1 year ago

    Super cool . A great day for Scott I am sure and a special thing you and Ghostrider did for someone.

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  • Spitfire, 1 year ago

    What an amazing gift! I'd love to drive a lamborghini one day!

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