Needy Husky Gets Super Jealous Of People Hugging

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis funny video will make you laugh, at first sight everything seems normal, a warm kitchen, a loving mother receiving hugs from her daughter, while in the background is a beautiful Husky looking for something to eat but wait, this does not end here! You have to see the funny reaction of this pet, the Husky makes a whole scene of jealousy, he is really upset because his human sister wants to give hugs to his mother. The Husky loves his owner so much which is like a mother to him, he does not want any of the other children to get too close to her, he is the spoiled one in the house and he cares a lot for his mommy. Hilarious!

“Mommy, have you made me something to eat?” With the excuse of looking for something in the kitchen, this Husky just wants to make sure that his mother doesn't get more love than he can give her. This house is inhabited only by this adorable Husky and his owner, who has had him since he was less than a month old. This puppy is like a son to her, but as usual, Christmas usually reunites the family, and so the children of this woman have come to visit her and spend a pleasant time with their mother, something that makes this dog very angry.
He doesn’t want to share his owner’s love, so since his adoptive siblings have come home, he keeps a close eye on them and doesn't leave his owner alone for a moment, to make sure she doesn't get hugs. Very funny!

If you thought jealousy was just a human trait, you'll be stunned to see how upset this dog is to see how his owner giving love to someone else. That's his cute mommy and he doesn't want to share her with anyone else. He's really upset and makes these two evil women, who are playing with this pet's innocent feelings, understand that he is the house pet and not them. The puppy takes things very seriously, he does not hesitate to quickly separate them - the funny side of this video. We assure you that you have never seen such a jealous dog before, he is the spoiled one in the house and only takes care of what is most important to him, the love of his caretaker and faithful friend.

As we can see, there are dogs with a unique character, that can be witnessed in certain situations, something that makes us wonder if these pets really have a higher degree of reasoning, as for example this puppy. He must be thinking "they are hugging my owner... I will lose her love". How could he know what it is to lose, when his owner has never left him before? This makes us see that the animals are very intelligent and observant, something that makes us fall in love with them more and more every day, doesn't it?

Is your dog just as jealous of you? If so, he sure loves you a lot! There's no better way to answer them than to give them back a little of that infinite love they offer us every day. If you have an opinion about this funny jealous scene, don't hesitate to comment below. Share this video with your friends, maybe they will now think twice before hugging many people in front of their beloved pet.


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