My Life As A Living Doll Is Liberating | HOOKED ON THE LOOK

BarcroftTVPublished: December 12, 2018Updated: December 21, 2018
Published: December 12, 2018Updated: December 21, 2018

A WOMAN is calling herself a ‘living doll’ after connecting to the dolls she uses in her art. Fifi, who goes by the name ‘Fifi Doll’, has been dressing like a doll for three years – and she’s almost always in pink. Although Fifi calls herself a living doll, she wants people to understand it’s more about identity and not performance. When it comes to her look, Fifi draws inspiration from ball-jointed dolls, as anyone of any shape can enjoy the look. Fifi always tries to incorporate her doll-style into her outfits, drawing inspiration from the antique look of lace, chiffon and soft fabrics.

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