Spectators can't understand how street magician is floating

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Rumble / Magic Tricks"Wow, how is he doing this?" Roy asked his cousin as they walked past a street performer in Cozumel. Street performers come in many variations. There's "The Statue" who may paint themselves in Gold and stand motionless for what seems an eternity until a gracious passerby tosses a coin into the performers "tip jar", creating the "statue " to come alive for a short period.

Magicians and slight of hand performers are also amazing. How they make that coin pass through a steel bar inside a deck of cards box, that is amazing. One man bands are a huge favorite. Pianists with fingers that move like they are magically plucking the keys and guitarists that can bring goosebumps to your skin. On this day after departing the cruise ship terminal for a day on Cozumel, Elsa and her husband as well as her cousin Roy and his wife walked through the cruise ship terminal. Just like at almost all airports, you are directed through a shopping area. Here on Cozumel, it is more like walking through a whole mall. With a total of 4 ships docked this day, Cozumel was definitely happy to see more than 12 thousand tourists arriving.

Walking past multiple t-shirt stores, leather shops, and kiosks selling everything from sunglasses to coconut hummingbird hanging plant holders, Roy had one thing on his mind: Coffee. He had spotted from the ship a famous coffee shop so he was determined to track it down in the mall. But.... during his trek through the shops and kiosks he also noticed a sole street performer. Dressed in a very bright gold outfit, floating motionless ABOVE the floor! "How is this possible? How is he doing this?" Roy seemed amazed. Checking below the performer, around and even behind, Roy could not figure out how this performer was accomplishing this amazing feat.

Astounded, Roy reached out and fist bumped the street performer, showing his gratitude and then tossed a few dollars into the performers tip jar. Many tourists passed while Elsa and her family observed this street performer and Roy was not the only one struggling to figure out what mystical force was levitating this fellow above the floor!


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