Color Matching Buckle Fine-Motor Activity

Published December 8, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble This activity helps children and/or adults with developmental disabilities develop skills such as
1. color matching
2) eye-hand coordination
3) hand strengthening when pulling or pushing the shapes on and off the cord
4) dexterity to buckle or unbuckle.
5) sequencing several steps such as opening a buckle, removing the shapes and inserting into the container.

Make your color matching buckle fine-motor activity by
1. Cutting strips of cord or fabric of different colors
2. Cut plastic or fabric pieces to color match. cut a hole in the centers.
3. Tie a buckle half to each end of a piece of cord
4. Cut a slot in a large container’s lid for insertions

Be sure that you buy buckles that are all the same size and interchangeable. Larger buckles are easier to manipulate....but you may want to use smaller buckles to create challenge.

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