Heavy Winds Push Trees Back And Forth, Create Insane Illusion!

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Rumble / Natural PhenomenaThis video is one that will really make you do a double take! Viewers without a doubt end up watching this video a couple times in a row to see this interesting scene one more time because it is one that is just so rare, and quite frankly, strange! Check out this crazy footage of trees being pushed up from their roots by the wind. It looks like the earth is breathing!

When the video begins, viewers see a landscape of a wooded area. The only noise that can be heard is that which the wind is making as it furiously blows through the trees in the woods. Notice that many of these trees that can be seen in this camera view are already down on the ground. Some may think at first that perhaps these trees were intentionally cut down, possibly with human influence of some kind. However, if you look a little closer, you can see that this is certainly not the case. That is because of the left side of each of the trees. That is where the roots can be seen. The fact that the trees still have all of their roots attached in this way tells us that humans did not force the trees into being this way.

Not only are the roots still on the trees, we can see that the trees have been apparently ripped up from the ground right from where they stood towering over the ground. These majestic trees were just no match for the great winds they encountered. Even though wind is not something that can be visually seen, the results of the wind is visible. Scenes like this one appear all over the world, and they are shocking each and every time. As the wind blows through the woods, it unapologetically rips the stoic evergreens from their home.

To make this even more interesting, the tree in the center of the camera view is on its way to being ripped from the ground, but it is just not quite there yet. Each time a strong gust comes through, the tree leans to the right. When it does this, the roots lift up from the ground. This is when viewers say that it looks as if the earth is breathing. This is a very interesting illusion, and this particular part of this sight is what is rare. This is also the part that makes people replay the video a couple times because it is so odd looking.

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  • KevWil, 1 year ago

    Wind in trees does more than rustle the leaves. A gentle breeze, or the prevailing winds from seasonal changes all affect the growth and tree development and impact the very survival of trees. Wind is the result of air moving from a region of high pressure to one of low pressure, the difference due to unequal heating of the atmosphere. It is the sun that causes air masses to have different pressures. The destructive force of wind can indeed be awesome. Here we see felled trees on the forest floor and others moving and almost uprooted with broken roots and the soil at their bases eroded. Although these events caused by wind actually have good ecological role to play in the natural landscapes by opening gaps in forests that provide for opportunities for grasses and herbs, smaller trees, and animals to coexist and enrich the forest. Wind is in fact the most frequent form of natural disturbance and an important force that naturally selects the trees and plants that occur and survive in forests. Strong winds cause trees to move from side to side, pulling and wrenching at their roots. The movement disrupts root-soil and encourages erosion, this in turn effects water absorption and increases water stress in trees, in effect compounding the problem. The trees here look like spruces or firs and they have a steeple-shaped crown and are adapted to mountainous areas, which reduces the air drag by the canopy and improves the chance for these trees to survive the frequent strong winds, unfortunately a combination of soil erosion, position on a slope and bad luck have allowed mother nature to show that with some heavy rain, high winds the soil would not hold these roots and uprooting is most likely to happen for these trees, sooner rather than later.

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  • Booty_Febacca, 1 year ago

    How is this insane? How is this an illusion?

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  • emilymyers, 1 year ago

    So cool!

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