Partners in Education: The Lion King performance at local school

Published November 29, 2018 11 Views

Rumble From acting and singing, to behind the scene, students have been working on the Lion King for months. "I think our cast, is about 35 students, and its about the same for our crew, our crew is doing the backstage work, props, ushering costuming, and makeup," said Erika Jahnke, choir teacher. Jahnke says it's a rewarding experience, "seeing how much we've grown since we first began our rehearsals, its wonderful to see them take something away analyze their work, what can I do better, what can I strive to do next time, it's great to see that work ethic." Students like Iain Chang, said rehearsing isn't all the fun, "I play Bonzai, he's one of the main three hyenas, it's kinda fun to be different, to play someone that's not yourself, I get to be mean to people, it's kind of fun, it's not actually disrespecting them." Brianna Loving, has the same passions as Chang, "people tell me all the time, Brianna stop singing, and do I listen? No." Tickets are five dollars, at the door, at Edison Middle School on Friday at 6:30 pm, and Saturday at 11 am.

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