12-Year-Old Girl Demonstrates Her Fantastic Singing Skills

Published November 29, 2018 67,339 Plays $92.53 earned

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleKids always have some of the best videos on the Internet. They never fail to amaze or surprise us. They are usually so cute or funny and they can do anything to make us smile. Lots of videos include kids surprising us with talents well beyond their years. They can range from a small child reading at a very young age, having a talent like playing an instrument, or much like the girl in this video being an extraordinary singer at such a young age.

This girl is practicing her singing and we can tell she is a really good singer. Her voice probably hasn’t even fully developed yet, and she is already so good. She definitely has an amazing talent and it is so awesome they chose to share it. Seeing how good she is now, you can only imagine how good she’ll be when she grows up. Her voice will develop more and she will practice more, she might even be a contestant on “American Idol” or “The Voice”! The young girl does a very amazing performance in what seems to be an empty church, and it is so amazing how talented kids can be! This is definitely a very inspiring and very uplifting video! Hopefully, this won’t be her last video showing off her talent!

The young girl in the video, Ansley Burns, is only 12 years old and sings like a pro! She is practicing her singing in what seems to be in an empty church she attends. Maybe she is practicing for an upcoming holiday performance! Ansley should definitely be a member of the church choir! She is singing a song called “How Great Thou Art” which is a Christian-based poem, that has been redone and covered by many popular artists over the years. Even if you are not a religious person, this is still a great video of a young 12 year old showing off her abilities. Ansley has a beautiful voice and she is well beyond her years. People will definitely be amazed by how well she sings, and it is always a joy to find a new talent.

The video begins and Ansley is standing in front of the pulpit and starts singing. Hopefully the church will have an occasion where this amazing voice would be heard. It seems she has been practicing quite a bit since she doesn’t need to read the lyrics at all! She has an amazing voice and there are no notes that sound off! Her stage presence seems pretty good too for someone so young. Although there is no one watching at the moment, she seems very comfortable and even has great hand movements while singing. Hopefully she isn’t nervous for her upcoming performance! She hits some incredible high notes and her singing will no doubt attract everybody’s attention in the room. She has a very bright future if she continues down the path of singing! We wish young Ansley much luck with her singing!