Elf On The Shelf Shocks Little Girl With Surprise Christmas Gift

Published November 28, 2018 2,814 Views $3.06 earned

Rumble / Priceless MomentsThis family's Elf On the Shelf, Sparkle, surprises this sweet little girl with an early Christmas arrival present! Grab the tissues! The video opens with an adorable little girl standing in the foyer of her home dressed in her cute matching pajamas. Her mother and father are recording the video behind her, and her reaction when she sees the present makes the parents proud of themselves because their girl is so thrilled. They must be happy that they thought ahead far enough to grab the camera and record the entire situation. A second or two into the video, mom and dad can be heard in the background. Dad asks the little girl if she heard the knock on the door. The little girl responds saying that she did not hear it. Dad persists and tells his daughter that someone is at the door for her.

The little girl cautiously turns around to walk to the front door of their immaculate and beautiful home. (Side note: notice the gorgeous chair railing in the foyer of this home! Someone did a fantastic job of adding so much class and character to what looks to be a stunning colonial-contemporary designed home). Then viewers will hear the little girl’s mother behind the camera. She instructs her daughter to go and answer the door to see who has arrived on their front stoop. The little girl slides her fuzzy rainbow slippers across the hardwood floor and approaches the door.

When the child finally gets to the door and opens it, she finds the surprise of her life. Right outside the door, there is a small brown box with a Christmas bow on one of the top flaps. Inside, a tiny little nose pokes out, and it is soon followed by two little shiny eyes and two short and stubby pointed ears. It is a puppy! This little girl has been wanting a puppy for a long time now, and her wish was finally fulfilled.

When the little girl sees the puppy in the box, her reaction is priceless and beautiful. She gasps instantly, and then she backs up in disbelief, as if she cannot fathom the notion that she really was just given a puppy. She can hardly contain her excitement as she goes past the door to her family home and gets closer to her new buddy. She then gets excited again when she sees “Sparkles.” This is the little elf that many families have during the holidays. The tradition is that the elf watches the child to check for good behavior, and then the elf checks in with Santa to determine if the child deserves presents or not that year. This is really an adorable routine that many parents do with their children every year.

Many families have also their elf bring presents throughout the holidays instead of only Christmas day. This set of parents have done this as well. Sparkles has brought the child what her heart desired. She now has a beautiful little pup to love and cherish as they both grow up together.