New MLS stadium plans keep pedestrians in mind

Published November 28, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble City officials got their most detailed look yet at plans for a new Major League Soccer stadium in the West End, including a potential pedestrian-only zone on Central Parkway during home games. Site developers on Monday filed roughly 130 pages of documents with the Department of City Planning, a portion of which included recommendations on how to manage vehicle and pedestrian traffic, as well as parking, on days when FC Cincinnati plays at the new stadium. The new MLS stadium will sit overtop Central Avenue between Wade Street and Ezzard Charles Drive, where Taft Information Technology High School's Stargel Stadium currently stands. Plans include closing Central Parkway to vehicle traffic between 15th and Wade streets as well as closing 14th, Magnolia, 15th, Odeon and Wade streets to all but local traffic between Central Parkway and Elm Street on game days.