Cat becomes trapped in couch under sleeping Great Dane

Published November 28, 2018 7 Plays $3.07 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsMitzy is a cat who likes to climb through the cracks in the cushions to hide in the couch and sleep. It's a pull out couch with a folded mattress below the cushions so it's easy to get inside and find a nice, cozy hiding spot. It's even easy to squeeze back out. Unless, that is, a 130 pound Great Dane dog decides to climb up onto the couch and sleep too. The couch was claimed long ago by Briva, a 12 year old Great Dane who tries her best to snooze for at least an hour every morning and every afternoon. She’s been a loyal and loving family member and she’s earned the right to stretch out in the sun whenever she likes. Mitzy is also a loving and treasured member of the family.

Ironically, Briva and Mitzy began their relationship over a couch. Mitzy actually adopted this family on a very cold winter night almost ten years ago. She found her way into the house through an open window and came face to face with Briva. She darted under the couch and hid, terrified of the giant dog. Mitzy was welcomed into the family and Briva quickly accepted her. For the most part, the two get along quite well now. Mitzy is a typical cat and has those mood swings and unpredictable moments that keep Briva guessing. It’s especially true when they both want the same couch or dog bed.

Dave was working away at the desk beside the couch when he heard Mitzy’s muffled cries. It didn’t take long to figure out where she was because this is a common spot for Mitzy to sleep. But this is the first time that Mitzy has been trapped under the slumbering dog. Unable to resist, Dave turned on the camera and recorded while he tried to find Mitzy. It was clear after a few moments that Briva needed to get off the couch before Mitzy could come out. Mitzy emerged from the corner, gave Dave a very annoyed look and then ran for freedom. Moments later, Briva reclaimed her spot in the sun and was fast asleep again.


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