Fierce Puppy Faces off with Empty Bowl

Published November 28, 2018 25 Views

Rumble If you love dogs, you'll find this video amusing for sure! It tells a funny story about a hungry dog and you absolutely have to check it out if you are up for a good laugh! As the clip begins, you are presented with a scene of a hungry dog waiting for his dinner to be served. You can tell that he’s really hungry because he can’t help but bark as loud as he can at his empty bowl. And not only does he bark at the bowl, he keeps running around it in circles! LOL! How precious is this pup? He just can’t wait for his dinner to get into the bowl, so he does that hilarious barking routine hoping that it’ll make it quicker. LOL! This hilarious dog is literally trying to summon his dinner into the bowl! LOL! Hungry pup is not a happy pup, that’s for sure! So funny!