Senior Chihuahua impressively learns new trick

Published November 26, 2018 2,093 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere's an old saying: You can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well, this senior Chihuahua is here to dispel that myth. This sweet girl was rescued from a cold rainy parking lot back in March and has since proven to be a quick learner in so many ways. First she had to blend into a family with a crotchety Calico cat and a well established 12 year old poodle. She did that in an effortless manner. This dog managed to win everyone over with her adorable personality and high intelligence. After wandering around for several days with no access to food or water, not to mention exposure to the neighborhood coyotes, this dog was so happy to have a warm bed to sleep in and a roof over her head.

To see her today you would never know that at one point she was homeless. Her rescuers took her to the local vet to be checked out and all her blood work came back excellent. Her only problem was some dental disease and she was given some antibiotics along with seven extractions. Since she didn't carry any tags or info-chip, a decision had to be made to send her to a rescue organization or find a friend to adopt her. After spending two weeks with this dog her foster family found it very hard to pass her on to someone else not knowing what her future might hold. They decided to keep her and named her Dixie.

Since then she has charmed everyone that she encounters. She is outgoing and friendly and wakes up in the happiest mood every day. She is estimated to be between 12 to 13 years old but she has the energy and agility of a young puppy. Her new family has no regrets about taking her in as she has enhanced the quality of their lives and has provided them with so much entertainment. Chihuahuas are wonderful dogs. They are feisty and protective of their owners. Size means nothing to these dogs and they are not easily intimidated by other breeds. They wake up each day ready to take on the world. They are compact and travel well. Whether it's in the family car or even on a plane. The Chihuahua is up for any adventure life hands them.

The most important thing you can do for a Chihuahua is maintain a healthy diet with regular exercise. Due to their small stature they can be prone to several health problems if they are allowed to become overweight. They are known for their longevity and they are proof positive that good things come in small packages. This girl Dixie just learned the classic Bang-Bang- you're dead trick and she performs it flawlessly. It is so cute. She is quite the little performer and takes directions well.

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