4 years ago

Hemiplegia Adaptation: Making it Easy to Stabilize Materials

The client shown in the video typically has her right hand fisted against her body. My goal is to maintain range of motion by reaching for objects to insert into the container with her left hand as she grasps the handle. The large blue container is tied to the table so that she is unable to pull it into her lap.

This individual prefers to be busy, so this adaptation serves to
1) provide a repetitive task
2) maintain or improve range of motion
3) motivate to engage in bilateral tasks
4) Open up her fisted hand during a functional task. She refuses to wear a splint to prevent contractures.

How to make: Simply cut an opening in a large detergent or kitty litter bottle so that the desired container can be wedged inside. I cut an opening where her knuckles were rubbing and then put tape around the edges.

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