Man Prepares For A Trip By Running On A Treadmill With Luggage

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Rumble / Funny & WeirdThis video is one that is just a great watch because it is something that almost everyone can relate to. Most people who have ever traveled anywhere by plane have had that terrifying moment where they think they will miss their flight. Sometimes when a flight is delayed, this creates a real problem for travelers. If your plane pulls into the terminal later than expected and you have a connecting flight, you can be put in a real foot race.

People traveling are often seen literally running full speed through airports because of this problem. They may only have five or ten minutes to get to their next flight. This may not seem like a huge stressful problem, but it definitely can depend on other circumstances. This is an issue when those five or ten minutes have to be used by running through the airport if the traveler’s connecting flight is on the other side of the airport. The flip side of that situation is when people are laid over for hours and hours between connecting flights. That problem is sometimes equally as frustrating.

The man portrayed in this video has figured out exactly what he needs to do to make his pace of walking from one gate to another as fluid and as easy as he possibly can. He is preparing for his trek through the airport by running on a treadmill. Wait though… he is not just running on the treadmill for normal exercise. As viewers will see in the video, he is carrying his luggage right along with him while running on the piece of exercise equipment! This is actually an extremely clever solution that most have never considered doing before. In addition to that, it is hilarious!

Even the most avid runners can struggle when they have to catch a connecting flight at the airport. This is because most of the population is not necessarily used to running with baggage! You may be able to run nonstop for miles and miles at the best of conditions, but can you do it while dragging fifty or hundred pounds of luggage right along with you? Most people cannot affirmatively answer that question. No matter how well a person is prepared physically, dragging all of the belongings along with them would be exhausting and taxing for just about anyone. It looks like the man in this video has created a solution to that problem. Surely, he will inspire many other people to do the same.

Next time you have to make it to another gate for a connecting flight in an airport and only have a few minutes to get to the boarding place, you may wish that you have had prepared in the same way as this man!

While the video does not give any insight into the man’s trip and how it went, viewers everywhere hope that this traveler will give an update in the near future. This is a creative solution to a common problem that has never been seen before.


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    This is brilliant!

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