Bold canary shares bread with tourists at the breakfast table

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThe Galapagos Islands are home to a wide range of animal and bird species. Among them are the finches and canaries that inspired Charles Darwin to come up with the theory of evolution after his famous visit in 1837. His theories changed the way we see the world and the way we see ourselves. This beautiful yellow canary lives on San Cristobal Island and he makes his home near the Casa Playa Mann Hotel, a small tourist dwelling nestled in the trees near the beach. He’s a crafty little bird and he understands that breakfast is served on the patio each morning. He also understands that some of the tables have crumbs and and leftover buns that are unattended. If none are in sight, he’s confident enough that he can charm a tourist into sharing a few bites. Boldly hopping around the table, he hops right up to the croissant on the plate and has a few pieces. He hops away with a chunk and then comes back for more. He’s much too cute to resist and tame enough that the tourists sitting right at the table don’t intimidate him.

The Galapagos Islands are a perfect example of the balance of nature, with each species occupying a very delicate position in this balance. To interfere with an animal’s struggle, even to help, would be improper and could have consequences that we don’t fully understand. The people here take this responsibility very seriously and they encourage tourists to never feed the animals. So, with a gentle finger wag and a quiet reprimand, this little canary is sent on his way. Bread is also not an ideal food for tiny birds. He is far better off with the seeds and small insects that make up his natural diet.