Matching Numbers Screw Cap Activity to Develop Fine- Motor Skills

RecyclingOT Published November 10, 2018 237 Plays

Rumble Children or adults with developmental disabilities may enjoy matching as they screw bottle caps onto the corresponding size threaded pieces. Write numbers, letters or glue pictures to caps and threaded pieces to make matching fun!

Materials needed:
1)Threaded pieces cut from plastic bottles
2) Caps or covers that screw onto the threaded pieces
3)A long strip of fabric
4) A container to insert the lids into (optional)

Cut 2 holes in each threaded piece in order to string them onto the cord. You will see in the video that some clients preferred to sit. However, I adapted the materials to encourage reaching or standing. Some clients not only enjoy standing, they crave movement and this activity enables them to retrieve materials located on the floor or across the room. Screwing or unscrewing the lids strengthens hands and develops bilateral hand coordination.

Making this activity costs virtually ZERO $$$$

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