Dog Tries to Befriend Sculpture – LOL

Published November 8, 2018 70 Views

Rumble Having a dog is such a bliss! Every dog owner can confirm that dogs make our lives happier and more beautiful! They really know how to make us feel great! Every day is like a holiday when our best four-legged friends are around. Just take a look at this video, and you’ll see what I mean! It shows a cute dog who has so much energy that even after playing with his human friends he would love to have some more fun, and now he tries to animate his new ceramic buddy, an adorable dog statue. LOL! This funny little pup jumps around in a living room and barks at this ceramic pup. He wants to play with this other dog so much, that he’s ready to try almost anything to get his attention. But unfortunately, nothing works! His new friend doesn’t even bark back, and he doesn’t know why! LOL!