Makeover Guy gives woman makeover that leaves her unrecognizable

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Rumble / Fascinating PeopleJanice drove in from Southern Indiana and kept her eyes closed the entire time until the "reveal." This process was obviously so much fun. Frizzy curly hair was allowed to dry naturally, and additional help was given with some pin curls to lift the base of the top of the head. This was posted by “” Watch the video to see the entire process.

The client says that her hair feels better already at the beginning after having several inches of hair lobbed off right off the bat. This woman is a beautiful person, and her precious personality and spirit shine through. However, we all want to look on the outside the way that we feel on the inside. Makeovers are always fun and exciting, but you have to make sure that your look matches your soul inside. Having a beautiful exterior does not do anyone any good if the soul is not in good shape and at harmony with the world around it.

The hairstylist shows his client the hair that he has cut off, and she is very surprised to see the large chunk that is now gone from her scalp. Her natural hair is a bit frizzy and dull, so it definitely needed some new life breathed back into it. This is where the makeover guy comes in! This is his expertise. He specializes in turning people’s looks into a fresh new style that they are sure to love. He is obviously great at what he does and has made a very recognizable name for himself.

He surely stays booked up with his appointments since his services are so highly in demand. Just wait until you see the end result of this client’s new makeover! You absolutely will not believe that it is the same person as the one seen in the beginning of the video. Seriously, the change is so dramatic that it really does look like a completely different person. It is amazing what someone can do with just a little time and effort and love. This is incredible!

The stylist then fluffs the client’s hair to show her how light and airy it is now that the baggage and dead hair has been removed. Some of the workers in the establishment come in and react to how awesome her hair is already looking. The next part of the video features the beautiful client talking to a personal dress stylist. She is explaining to the client how to choose clothing that is beautiful and flattering. It is immensely important to know how to choose the right clothing that will best fit one’s body type, age, lifestyle, etc.

While the client is talking to this expert, her hair is wrapped in a towel. This is because her hair is being dyed and the color needs to sit on the hair for a specific amount of time to be able to set. Some people occasionally cover the entire head in a plastic cap, but it is much better to use a loose towel or similar product. This is because hair color actually needs to interact with the oxygen in the air for it to work properly.

The final reveal is not only shocking, but it is also inspiring!


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    Huge improvement! looks years younger!

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