Catwoman makes Little Girl Laugh

Published November 7, 2018 1 Plays $0.01 earned

Rumble Catwoman makes Little Girl Laugh. Watch as Catwoman circles around this little girl and talks to her, making her nervous and laughing by the end of it. This scene is set at MovieWorld on the Gold Coast in Australia. The young girl, six year old Sienna from Australia, is excited to see a character out on the street and approaches her for a photo. What follows is a great capture of some funny moments of Catwoman talking to Sienna and asking her if she’s a naughty girl. At first, Sienna gets quite nervous and unsure how to act. She then finds Catwoman funny and is laughing at what she says. Following this you can hear Sienna’s parents laugh too as they get the photo they are after but also some great footage to remember the day and to show Sienna as she gets older. A fantastic funny little video that demonstrates the fun and adventure that happens at Movieworld and a great performance put on by Catwoman in this short footage to entertain the public that were there on the day. Sienna’s laughter is contagious, as you can see how nervous she is to begin with and then how happy she is by the end, and how this short part made her entire day and experience at the theme park so great. In the background, people are watching on in amusement and enjoying the spectacle that Catwoman is putting on. Movieworld is situated on the Gold Coast of Australia and Sienna was recently there for a family holiday and said this was the best day of her holiday mainly because of this moment, which was unexpected for her. Sienna is a six year old girl from Perth, Australia and this was her first family holiday that she had been on outside of Western Australia. Such a fun, cute moment between an adorable young girl and an entertaining great character in Catwoman!