Howling Dog Leads Its Owner To The Treat Drawer

5 years ago

Are you feeling stressed and worn out? Do you need something that can relieve you from this unwanted stress? Do you know something that can help you clear this stress away? Well, just in case you do not know, one extremely effective therapeutic thing that can make wonders in order to shake those stress away is raising an adorable pet dog. If you are thinking that it is only effective for those dog lovers out there, then think again. Even though you are not that into dogs, you will still enjoy the therapy a pet dog can give, for sure. The question is, do you know what is the best dog breed that you can have these days?

Why not consider having a Siberian Husky then? If you are not well-acquainted about this particular breed of dog, then it would be very helpful for you to watch this video. Here, you can witness a very cute stubborn Siberian Husky dog that is seemingly arguing with his owner. This dog was already given some treats from his master, but it seems that he still wants more. Wondering why the husky is acting that way, the owner lets the husky lead her to where this dog wants to go. And then suddenly, the husky has led her to the kitchen, where the treats are kept. Without hesitation, the owner gets some treats and then gives them to the husky and its adorable companion dog.

The name of this stubborn yet intelligent Siberian Husky dog is Zeus. If you want to know more about Zeus and its breed, then let us dig deeper. Siberian Husky is a medium size dog breed that you can choose to raise if you want to. Yes, some people are not choosing this one because of its medium size. Even so, this does not make Siberian Husky a less of a pet dog. It is as incredible as smaller sized pet dogs out there are. If you are not really ready for a dog this size, then consider raising a Husky and you will surely not regret it. When it comes to names, some countries may differ. In some other parts of the world, it is known as Chukcha and Chuksha. However, it is also popularly called Sibe in some other parts of the globe.

For your additional information, Siberian Husky originated from the beautiful and progressive country of Russia. In fact, it belongs to the Spitz family. Yes, you read it right! This is one reason why Husky has thick fur or hair just like the Spitz dog breed. If you are not well-acquainted about the appearance of this dog, then make an image of a wolf in your mind and there you go. This is how many people in the world describe this adorable breed of dogs. Its ears are erect, and its hair is double coated. It goes without saying that Husky is one of the most sophisticated-looking dogs one can ever have.

With a sufficient amount of time for training, this pet dog can certainly be your best pet dog ever that you can ever raise in your life.

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