Dog Perfectly Mocks Teenager's Broken Leg 'Walk'

5 years ago

If you are looking online for a funny or cute video, dogs are one of the most popular stars of these types of videos! Pets and dogs offer some of the funniest moments you will ever see! They are so innocent and cute, and you can’t help but realize that most of the things they do are cute. There are different types of dogs to match any person, and you can find a great companion in a dog! They will make you laugh nonstop and be amazed by the different things they do. You will guaranteed to be surprised at some of the things that dogs do! They will have funny reactions, funny faces, and some will even copy you!

Take for instance this dog who decided to copy his friend’s walk. The thing that makes this funny, is that the leg of his friend is in a cast and walks with crutches! Definitely watch this video if you love dogs and animals in general. Even if you don’t like animals, this video will sure make you smile and laugh. Who knew that dogs were this clever and funny!

The teenage boy and the family dog are the stars in this video. This is a hilarious video of how this funny dog decides to mock the young boy. It’s not that often to see a dog mimicking humans, maybe this dog thought he was a parrot! The video begins, and the boy is climbing down the stairs. You can immediately see his leg poking out which is in a cast, and you can hear the sound of the crutches hitting the floor. Unfortunately, the young boy broke his ankle and has to use the crutches to walk around. This sounds like such a hassle! Cruthces are definitely not the most comfortable way to get around, but it is what you have to use if you are in a cast! Once the kid turns around the corner, you can see a big white dog following behind!

The big white dog, Sawyer, is following the boy around. As the dog walks, you can see that he too walks with a hobble. You might instantly ask yourself Is the dog injured or is he just copying the boy? He must be definitely copying the young man’s broken leg walk! The boy must have broken it sometime ago since the dog has been able to study his movements and mimic his walk! Sawyer definitely seems like a clever dog! When the teen is out of the video frame, Sawyer continues his broken leg walk. This must be something this dog does often when following around his friend! They are certainly close friends since Sawyer has the freedom to fool around with him like that! Sawyer seems to like the attention of the family as he probably performs his broken leg walk for them quite often. Dogs can be very clever and smart, and Sawyer is just a proof of how shrewd dogs are. You would never think that a dog would copy its owner’s hobble while moving around with crutches, but Sawyer shows here how it is done!

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