It was too chilly for her curls to air dry, so she settled for a blow out.

Published October 31, 2018

Rumble That's the most beautiful hair I have ever ever seen on a baby. what a head of hair❤️ but the fact that the babies cant breathe, when there is SO MUCH air...parent should to be careful But she looks cute anyway. Hair and scalp experts at Philip Kingsley have explained that for babies born with a lot of hair, their hair can be rinsed gently with warm water during their first four weeks. As the babies grow older, parents can then incorporate a little bit of shampoo to help clean the hair more efficiently.
When the occasion calls for baby to look his best, parents pull out all the stops. However, before he can sit up on his own, there's not much you can do in terms of styling his hair. By the time he is 8 months old, a baby can usually hold himself in an upright position -- at least long enough to get his hair styled. While the easiest styling method is simply to allow baby's hair to air-dry, sometimes a blow dryer does a better job. You must use caution, however, to prevent burning his delicate skin. Set the dryer on a low heat setting and continuously move the dryer around the head.
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