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Rumble Waking up early Monday morning is not always easy. Specially after 2 days off for weekend, it just so tired when people come back to work, this situation happens for all people. It seems that many great men from the past took this proverb seriously. Benjamin Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt would wake up very early in the morning to plan their activities. Ernest Hemingway claimed that he did his best writing early in the morning. But, no matter how bad some people want to have more productive mornings, they simply do not know how to wake up early in the morning. And by early, we mean way earlier than you usually do. Waking up early and getting enough sleep seems like an impossible task. There is always something you would rather do in the evening than go to bed. However, there are several tips for waking up early and becoming an early bird. Here are some ideas to get you started.
The real question is how to get up early and feel good. Unfortunately, it is impossible to feel good if you do not get enough sleep. According to research, an average adult needs seven to nine hours of sleep. While we sleep, we go through five stages of a sleep cycle. The first stage is light sleep, followed by a stage that prepares us for deep sleep. Then comes the stage of deep sleep, and it continues to the fourth stage. After these four stages comes the REM stage. Sleep cycles last for about 90 minutes and it is recommended to get five sleep cycles each night (7.5 hours). If you have to go to bed very late, then it is recommended that you ensure at least three sleep cycles or 4.5 hours.
After you are determined to get enough sleep every night, your next step should be focusing on consistency. If you get enough sleep, but still can’t figure out how to wake up easily in the morning, there is one simple solution: consistency. Human body loves consistency. This means that your body, as well as your mind, will be grateful if you go to bed and wake up every day at the same time. By doing so, hormones and chemicals that our organs release will get used to a regular pattern. If you change that pattern, it will take some time for your body to adapt. This is the reason why people suffer from jet-lag after they change time zones and completely disrupt the pattern organs were used to. Every time you change your sleep pattern, your body will suffer from something that resembles a micro jet-leg. You will have much harder time waking up, you will feel groggy, and you definitely won’t perform your daily tasks as well as you could.
Many people who are researching how to get up early forgot one very important thing – adjusting their night-time routine. After you’ve decided to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, ask yourself the following question: “What do you do before you go to bed?”
Many people tend to collapse into bed immediately after they come home late from work or from a night out on the town. This is a wrong thing to do. What you should do instead is devote an hour every night to doing some calming activity you like right before going to bed. Read a book, take a bath, or listen to some music. You should stay away from screens since they stimulate your brain to stay awake longer. Having a relaxing routine right before going to bed can improve your sleep quality tremendously. All these previously-discussed points are very important for learning how to wake up early. But, they seem too general. Here are some simple techniques for waking up early that will make this task much easier to accomplish.
Following all the tips you’ve learned while researching how to wake up early, but still not being able to do so must be quiet frustrating. One of the ways to beat the sleep demons that urge you to sleep in is by finding motivation. If you are trying to wake up early just for the sake of it, you are very likely to fail. Instead, find a compelling reason to wake up.
Defining your goals and motivation for waking up early, such as being more productive, having breakfast, or going to the gym will make it much easier to actually wake up the moment you hear your alarm ring.
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