Walking and Sensory Stimulation!

RecyclingOTPublished: October 28, 2018Updated: October 29, 2018
Published: October 28, 2018Updated: October 29, 2018

Walking is great exercise that also provides vestibular sensory stimulation that impacts balance and body awareness. Many of my clients are sedentary, obese and/or have limited physical endurance. The program hallways are designed for walking groups. However, there is not always enough staff to provide supervision and many clients refuse to participate. Therefore, I find it helpful to create simple movement activities that involve walking across the room and/or moving materials at different heights.

Staff can gradually increase endurance, by providing more materials to transfer. Although functional activities such as putting away groceries or recreational pastimes such as walking in a park are ideal forms of exercise, clients who enjoy repetitive tasks in the program or classroom, benefit when activities are adapted to involve walking.

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