Labrador Preciously Plays With A Happy Little Kitten

Published October 27, 2018 2,935 Views $26.28 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWe all know as a fact that cats and dogs can never get along well. There is nothing we can do about it. As a matter of fact, two individuals who are always arguing with each other are being compared to cats and dogs. It is a pretty normal thing to see a cat and a dog that fighting with each other. But believe it or not, Misty and Shira are the exact opposites to the above claiming. They are a perfect exception to the rule.

If you want to know more about Misty and Shira's inspiring story, then you need to watch this amazing video. Just in case you do not know, Shira is a cat while Misty is a Labrador dog. In this footage, you can see how sweet they are having a playtimer. They are playing as if they are best friends. Who would have thought that a cat and a dog could get along well, and live like best friends. Well, everything is possible in this world after all. Even those seemed-to-be impossible things can be done if you are determined enough to make them happen.

We should salute the owner of Misty and Shira because without his or her effort, the two of them can never be as friendly as they are now. It takes a lot of effort to make such thing happens. Actually, we can be more thankful to Misty, the Labrador dog, since this breed of dogs is known to be very friendly. As an owner,of this type of a dog, you just have to make sure that it is exposed to many people and animals, so that it becomes more sociable than it already is. This explains why more and more people all over the world are raising their own Labrador pet dog.

Labradors are not only extremely friendly, but highly useful doing a number of things. Long before these days, Labradors were widely used in a number of police-related jobs. These jobs included detecting explosive devices and even guns. As a matter of fact, this is a well-known effective substitute for a K9 or the so-called German Shepherd. Meaning to say, a Labrador dog is not only good for friendly sweet moments, but also for some other very important activities that need to be done as quickly as possible just like retrieving and searching explosive devices.

Well, this goes to show that Labradors definitely deserve their formal name, Labrador Retriever. If you are one of those dog lovers out there who likes dogs with a particular color, you do not have to fret since you can have several options with a Labrador dog like Misty. You can choose black, pale yellow, white, fox red and a lot more. Such breed of dogs firstly became famous in Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. But as the time goes by, these dogs are becoming more and more popular all over the world.

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