Puppy Decides To Walk The New Puppy On A Leash

Published October 26, 2018 1,154 Views $1.41 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesPuppies love to walk and usually it is the owner who takes them out for a walk on a leash. The leash is generally used to tame the dog. Some dogs are obedient and they don’t need to be on a leash, but have you ever seen a dog being on a leash by another dog? No, we are not crazy. Yes, we are serious. Dogs can own other dogs these day. We bet you don’t believe us right now. Just check this video out for yourself.

The two dogs that look alike are hanging out at a park and one of the two dogs has the other one on a leash and they both are out for a walk. They are having a great time and loving each other’s company. We mean look at them -jumping, running, playfully teasing each other. They are like best friends. The weather seems warm and nice for a day out. Perfect time for a dog to take his dog friend for a walk. The whole scenery is extremely amusing.

But on a second thought they look so alike that they might as well be twins. They are both brown, furry and cute. And just like siblings do, they fight and love each other again. It can be seen later in the video that they jump, run and playfully fight with each other. We bet their real owner is enjoying the show. The master can chill and bask in the sun while the dogs walk by themselves in the park. Wouldn’t it be nice for every dog owner out there to have their dogs walk on their own and not get lost? That would literally be every dog owner’s dream come true.

We love how these dogs are enjoying their day exposed to the warm sun and paying with each other. The part that really amuses us is how the dog knows the concept of the leash. It is so adorable that both dogs are getting along so well. The new dog on the leash is readily giving rights to the old, elderly dog to take him along and they are running in the park on the lawn.

We have a small theory behind this, the dog on the leash could possibly be a newly adopted one and the bossy dog, the one who is leading the walk is the older dog. Though they both look alike, this could be the case. Maybe the old dog could teach the new pup some tricks and train him to play fetch with him. Keeping him on the leash is the first step toward the training. We love to see these two together. They are a bundle of joy.

What would you guys do if your dog took another dog for a walk on his own? How would you react? We bet the dogs featured in this video can do multiple other tricks and we can’t wait to see them! Comment below and let us know what you think of these notorious ones and share this video to make someone smile.