Cute Puppy Tries Its Best To Catch A Butterfly

Published October 26, 2018 793 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThere are things in life that we love to see, such as watching animals play in open spaces surrounded by nature in all its splendor. That is the case of this adorable puppy, who steals a smile as she runs through the green meadow with the intention of chasing a yellow butterfly that flies between the plants. She is really adorable, this little five-month-old puppy doesn't give up easily, she wants at all costs to catch that colorful and restless butterfly, which doesn’t want to fly away, just to make the playful puppy run. Hilarious!

This five-month-old Mini Australian Shepherd puppy is trying her very best to catch a butterfly. She has such a look of determination on her face and doesn't give up easily. So cute and heartwarming! Go girl, you can! The puppy watches her owner while he records it, as if to say "yes, keep recording, so that you capture the moment I catch the butterfly". The pup is stubbornly chasing the butterfly so as not to lose the sight of it. The butterfly has the puppy running from one side to the other, it seems like it wants to make her dizzy, poor little dog! She still looks so adorable, and she's so determined to catch it that the effort she puts up in the video is incredible, isn't it? That's right!

Although the pup didn't manage to catch the butterfly (something we already knew from the very beginning of the video), we still congratulate her for being so energetic and playful. This little dog with a striking coat must make its owner laugh a lot, she has a very positive and playful attitude. Who wouldn't fall in love with this captivating pet? Many times we don't hesitate to turn on our cameras to capture those beautiful moments and the crazy things that our pets do when they don't see us. It’s a good thing that animals don't know what it's like to look ridiculous, nor they have a special desire to be filmed, that’s why videos with animals turn out to be the best and most spontaneous ones. They just act without thinking, and act in the most sincere and funny way.

In the first few months of a puppy life, puppies have amazing energy to run and play anywhere. They can even exhaust their owners, and sometimes it's hard for them to keep up with the pace when it comes to playing outdoors. The important thing is to make them feel that we are there and that we are happy to share pleasant moments with them. A strong bond with your pet is one of the healthiest things there is. They are proven to reduce stress and tension caused by daily activities. So if you want to have a happy life, include your dog in playful activities together with yourself and you can surely expect it to be as happy as the one in this video - it will certainly make you laugh every moment of the day!

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