Kid Knows How To Give His Mom A Belly Laugh

Published October 26, 2018 147 Plays $0.16 earned

Rumble Often times, kids can be quite a nuisance to deal with! They can be selfish, annoying, bratty, and even downright mean! But thankfully, there are always those moments where they are kind, loving, funny, and caring! These moments can completely overshadow the flaws they have, and they can often turn into some amazing heartwarming moments. If you were to look online, searching for a nice video to watch, you would easily stumble on one involving a kid. They always have some of the funniest moments, and they are always cute to watch. People love watching heartwarming videos and kids are the best stars for these types of videos!

The ways a kid can brighten someone’s day is unlike any other. They can do very simple things, and immediately put a smile on your face. Take the kid in this video for example, he decides to do a little dance and makes his mom crack up! Maybe he was in trouble earlier and was earning back his mom’s forgiveness! This mom definitely enjoyed the dance and she even had to record it for everyone to see. This kid definitely seems like the outgoing class clown type!
Dances can often make someone laugh and are the perfect way to make yourself seem foolish. The boy in this video is preparing a dance for his mom and it is sure to make you laugh and put a smile on your face. The video begins with an empty stairway as we wait for the young man to come out. From the side of the wall, a tall mannequin head in a hoodie pokes out! To the viewers’ surprise, the boy jumps into the open as a mannequin wearing a hoodie sweatshirt. As he pops out, you can tell the mannequin head is sitting on the boy’s head while in the hoodie. The new dancing mannequin has an extremely long torso with its head wearing the hoodie. You can already hear the mom snickering as he pops out, he must be quite the character!

If you are a gamer who likes Fortnite, you might even be able to recognize some of the dance moves this kid is doing. Fortnite, the popular video game, lets players do dance moves. These specific dances have swept the nation and has kids all over the world doing these dance moves. We could probably guess that this kid is a fan of the game! He has popular dances like the floss, where you move your hips and arms in opposite directions. Another one he does is called “shoot” in which the person hops on one foot and kicks out the other.

These dances really make his mom laugh and at some point during the dance, his mannequin head starts to bobble. The mom warns him he is about to lose his head since it is shaking so much! Of course, the mannequin ends up falling just like predicted. Always listen to your mother! This kid must be quite the comedian at home, we can see why the mom is laughing so much!