Who would suit this haircut? 😭✂️

Published October 26, 2018

Rumble — Much ink was spilled over the bowl haircut, and even more photos have been shared of it. It has the reputation of being one of the less fortunate styling ideas mankind has come up with over the years. The name alone can give you an inkling why. It has a very straight fringe, and the rest of the hair has to follow the exact same length all the way around the head. This results in the cut looking as if someone literally placed a bowl on top of your head, upside down, of course, and traced it with a pair of scissors.
Can modern styling change the way we see the bowl haircut?
Some have called it the Comic Sans of haircuts. Regardless, the bowl haircut is a very simple hairstyle which you can do at home. That is why it was mostly addressed to children and pauper people, who couldn’t afford to see a barber. the classic bowl haircut from behind, with a bit of an undercut, to give it a more modern spin. It even has that puffed up quality we all remember it to have after our moms used to wash our hair for picture day.
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