Halloween is coming to squirrel town

Published October 26, 2018

Rumble — “Yea Mommy, I’m going to hold him, and kiss him, and squeeze him, and love him, and eat him, and I shall call him George!”😃🎃
When it comes to mushy pumpkins, most people throw them away once Halloween is over. But one woman has come up with a novel way of putting them to good use - and her idea has really taken off. Maisie Jordan knows that squirrels love pumpkin and is encouraging people to leave them outdoors as a treat for the animals.
In it, she says: "Squirrels absolutely love pumpkin. Instead of throwing yours away after Halloween why not put at the bottom of the garden or take to your local woods/park? "Imagine how much wildlife could be fed with the millions of pumpkins that are thrown away! Not just squirrels but birds,hedgehogs, badgers,foxes! "Especially now when there is less of an abundance of food for wildlife. Why not do something good and give back for a change, kindness costs nothing."
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