4 years ago

Dog And A Prairie Dog Enjoy An Incredibly Rare Friendship

This is a very cute video that portrays an extremely rare sight. There have been videos on many social media sites that show rare friendships between two very different species of animal, but the one in this video might take the cake. In this video you will see a dog and a prairie dog who have apparently become very good friends. Is this not just one of the cutest things you have ever seen!? It is absolutely adorable. When the video begins, the dog, which looks to be some sort of a shepherd or Labrador mix, nuzzles his new friend the prairie dog. The cute little prairie dog nuzzles him back, and he uses his tiny feet to scratch the dog’s nose. This is not an aggressive type of scratching, though, that the prairie dog is doing. These creatures do have quite long claws on their feet, but these claws do not hurt when they are using them gently.

This is similar to the claws of other animals such as parrots. Even though the nails look very long and sharp, and they are definitely used for protection when needed, they do not automatically scratch in a painful way if the animal is not trying to inflict damage.
It is quite interesting watching the behavior of the canine in this video. Obviously, he could seriously injure his little friend if he wanted to since he is so much larger than the prairie dog. However, he does not do that. This dog is unbelievably gentle with the prairie dog. This sweet boy stretches out fully on the floor so that he is at an eye level with the prairie dog as they play together and interact with one another. Being eye level allows him not to be intimidating as well.

The body language that the dog is using is to show that his is not a threat to his new friend. Dogs are very well- known for having the capability of being incredibly gentle with all sorts of animals and humans alike. They are often times around babies and small children without posing any kind of a threat. Of course there are exceptions to this, and there will always be some animals of all species that are overly aggressive unfortunately, but the dog in this video definitely doesn’t fit that description. He is so sweet toward this much smaller creature.

The dog and the prairie dog sniff each other, which is what animals do to become acquainted with each other. The dog plays with his little friend, using a typical “biting” type movement. This is not really biting, and it is in no way aggressive. This is the type of play that dogs do with each other all the time. This is how the dog in this video knows how to “play,” so he tries this method with his new friend. The prairie dog does not really know what this is about, so he uses his methods of play back with the dog, which are a little different. However different, though, it is adorable! These two unlikely friends are so interesting to watch.


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