Police In Peru Sets Up Food And Water Dispensers For Abandoned Dogs

Published October 26, 2018 1,056 Plays $1.52 earned

Rumble / Everyday HeroesPolice stations in several cities in Peru have decided to set up food and water dispensers not only for street dogs but also for any kind of dogs, even the ones that are owned, just because the weather and the temperatures in this city can be harsh for everybody, especially dogs. This idea is a great way to help abandoned animals that are living on the streets (it offers them at least one meal a day, as the dispensers are refilled every few hours) and help prevent cases of animal abuse. Yes, we agree with you, that is excellent news!

This whole operation is a success as it already started as something collective. As we mentioned above, several police stations in Peru picked up this good habit, which means that a lot more stray dogs will benefit from this. We do not know who came up with the idea, maybe someone in the police decided to implement this as a new rule and a kind move for the less fortunate. Animals must be treated nicely and we are sure that they will treat us the same way in return. Simple gestures just like this one are what our world needs in order to keep going forward. The police stations in Peru must be busy at all times, and even being that busy, they had the time to think about our four legged animals. We would like to thank the police force in Peru for showing the rest of the world how things should be done. The installation of these dispensaries must not have taken too long to install because in reality these dispensary are just big pipes attached to the walls that go all the way down to the sidewalk, where the dogs have this easiest access.

During the video, a Golden Retriever can be seen identifying the dispensary with the food before taking the water from the second bowl. A few policemen are present in the background, watching the dog having a little break, and we are sure they feel good about their humane operation.

Right after the dog is finished eating, he continues his way. When you think about it, it is an easy solution to feed stray dogs without even losing time. Any cop that is exiting the police station could put a few treats down the first pipe and some water down the second pipe. In this way, no one has to actually go and refill them when they get empty. A bag of dog treats and dog food could be left next to the door of the police station. Even the civilians going in the police station could give a hand with the feeding of the dogs. We encourage everybody to do the same thing and spread this idea around because it would lead to less places crowded with stray dogs. This is the first step to improving the living conditions of stray dogs and the second would be finding them a home or a proper shelter.